Instagram is the world’s second-largest social network, which is widely used by active users of social networks.

Instagram is the world’s second-largest social network, which is widely used by active users of social networks. Most people use it to share fragments of life, scroll through the feed in search of news and updates from friends. The rest has turned the page into a brand and a source of income, through which it communicates with the audience, promotes and expands the business. If you also want to promote your profile on Instagram for monetization, the easiest and most effective way is to resort to the services of comprehensive promotion of Zengram, Tooligram and cheat Boss like Likemania. And we will help you to understand these services in the article «Review of the best services for promotion on Instagram», buying instagram comments.

Surprisingly, the fact is that about 80% of users do not even know about all the options on Instagram. All the functions in Instagram are designed to help you personalize the resource to meet the needs and tastes of each user, quickly search and edit, as well as to disable ads.

how to view all the features on Instagram

Instagram features are different, but today we will talk about the 10 most popular of them, some of which you just did not guess:

The history of the posts you liked.
Deleting a profile mention on someone else’s photo.
Manage filters.
The creation of collages.
Hide the ad.
Save mobile traffic.
Clearing the history.
Publishing posts from multiple accounts at once.
Receive notifications from selected users.
The «hands-free» feature on Instagram.
Unknown features in Instagram
Let’s analyze all the life hacks that the social network has prepared for us. Some will be considered in more detail, but none will be ignored.

Let’s start with what is most often used before publishing posts, namely, with filters. Each of us has a favorite filter, with which the photo looks amazing, and there are masks that are not used so often, or even in general, they have never reached the hands. Every time you search for a favorite among a large variety of different filters – it is quite boring, especially for those who post several photos or videos every day. To solve this problem, the developers have implemented the function of ordering filters at their own discretion. To do this, when loading the image, scroll through the list of masks to the very end, and find the «Arrange» or «Manage» button there.
The hands-free feature has greatly simplified the lives of many story lovers. This option was released for the new year, complete with a whole package of updates to the functionality for shooting and publishing stories. With this new feature, you no longer need to hold the button on the screen for a long time to start recording videos.
Artificial intelligence always tries to find the right advertising messages for each user, focusing on their latest search queries. But even useful ads can be pretty annoying. To hide intrusive ads, specify what you would NOT like to see in your feed. This way, you will adjust the selection algorithm. To do this, go to the settings of the message that you do not like and click Hide All or Hide ads. Then choose the reason why this ad is not suitable for you – a mandatory item that will help artificial intelligence improve, and from now on choose only useful messages for you.
Receiving notifications from selected users
This feature was implemented for business accounts, mainly to track content updates from competitors. By enabling the notification, you will always be aware of new publications on your selected pages. To enable the notification, under any post of the profile you are interested in, click on «Settings» and select «Enable publication notification».

all useful features in Instagram

Deleting a mention of your profile on someone else’s photo
Those who often use Instagram know that as soon as they are marked on some other person’s photo, it immediately goes to the «Photos with you» section, and is available for viewing to all subscribers. Many are not tempted by this prospect: for some, the publication may be too private, while others simply do not like the way they came out in the picture. To remove a mark, go to bookmarks, select the desired photo, go to «Settings» and click on «Remove from profile».

Clearing your Instagram search history
You can use Instagram to search for interesting posts and information by hashtags. Sometimes there is a need to delete the search history. This is not a completely new feature in popular Instagram, but many users do not know how to do it, although, in fact, there is nothing complicated about it. To erase the data about requests, go to the main page of your profile, and from it to the settings of your account. In this menu, find the item «Clear history» – this is what you need.

View photos you’ve liked
For your convenience, Instagram saves the history with those posts that were marked with the «Like» icon. To review the posts that you previously liked, go to your profile, click on the «Settings» button, and in the Account section you will see the item «Posts that you liked».

all the features in Instagram and how to use them

Save mobile traffic
Many mobile operators provide packages without charging social networks. Sometimes the list includes Instagram, sometimes not. In any case, this feature will help you save the internet and limit the consumption of batch data. To enable economy mode, go to your profile settings and scroll to the «Cellular Data Usage» tab. There you will see the toggle switch «Useless data». You need to activate it.

Publishing from multiple accounts
Posting the same post to different accounts (in different social networks) is called cross-posting, and is very popular. The secret of success is simple-users get more marks, and spend much less time. To automatically duplicate your posts across all your profiles, go to your Profile Settings and select «Publish Settings». Remember this tab, in the future, it may be useful for you to add new social networks. From the list of sites, select the one where you want to see your photos and videos from Instagram. Confirm the permissions, and enjoy a comfortable use.

all features in Instagram for accounts

We also suggest you read the article about deferred posting on Instagram.

Creating collages
The guide to Instagram completes, more precisely, the description of the functions, the ability to create collages. Most of the users still use the various third-party applications, as previously, this option was not available. Now Insta itself offers small built-in extension Layouts. You can enable it through the Gallery or Library (for Android and iPhones, respectively). This icon is located at the bottom, in the right corner.

In this article, we have covered all the important features of Instagram: a description of how to enable them and how to use them. This is not a complete list of all the features of the social network. Wish You success in mastering the tools on Instagram!

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